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All positive change starts with you first understanding your power to make a difference in your life. By first deeply accepting everything as it is and then seeing what power you have to change what is good to change. We all know and have the clarity within us to find our way as we all come from profound meaning. We are all growing in this garden of love and I've learned the very fabric of our beings are made of meaning. The guidance of love within the present moment exists within each of our hearts. It is just a matter of accessing this profound knowledge within. I am here to support this discovery and help you find your own clarity and power to move in the most fulfilling way possible in this life. 


We come together in relationship to grow and to learn about who we are as human beings. We are here to evolve together and ultimately to love each other. The people closest to us in our lives are the ones who have the most to show us and sometimes those things are not easy to see. There are ways to be together with understanding and positive communication with which we can best support each other. We all exist in relationship to each other and our beings and hearts are deeply connected to one another. There are so many blessings in our relationships if we develop the capacity to find them and cultivate what is good in our connection with one another. I am here so support your cultivation of everything that is good in your relationship to each other.


In creating a family together everything is enhanced, both the beauty of those seeds you plant and the pressure is takes to care for them. We can adapt ways to be in difficult dynamics that are counterproductive and may lead to misunderstanding and misuse of power. Sometimes there are skills needed that help us to best tend to these seeds that we so deeply care for. I love to help others identify what skills are needed to best understand each other and communicate with each other in be sources of support to each other and bring out the best in one another. I act as an empathetic and non judgemental healing force in families and support them to come back to the love that originally brought them together.


In today's world parenting is more complex than it's ever been. Life is moving at a fast pace and children are exposed to so much. Stress is often an inevitable aspect of parenting in the modern world. When we lose track of how special and beautiful our children are, they may begin to forget their value and their worth as human beings. We can engage in power struggles that are counterproductive to the growth that can happen in our relationships with our children. I am here to nourish your bonds with your children and to support your children to be the loving human beings they are meant to be.


For most of my life I have been practicing and studying the art of mindfulness. Mindfulness is widely recognized to contribute to therapeutic success through three basic tenets. The cultivation of self-compassion, the focus on existing in the present moment, and the development of awareness. This development consists of exploring what exists in us that is beyond our thoughts and feelings. Often we are focused on what we think and feel to tell us who we are. However, when we look beyond these transient and passing experiences we have the potential to discover the incredible gifts we are given to exist in this human form...our ability to love who we are and to truly care for others in a way that has the potential to heal so much pain and suffering in the world.

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